Diamond Screw


Diamond Screw is an important part of spooling device of winch or water reel or coiled tubing unit.
It can be used onto various winches and water reels and coiled tubing units. It can wind the wire or rope or cable or hose or tubing onto the drum or reel correctly and orderly and smoothly and evenly. It can improve equipment technology level and extend the life of wire and rope and hose and tubing.
It is non-standard product. It is customized product. It is designed and is manufactured according to customer’s drawings and customer’s individual requirements.
The material may be ASTM 4140 or according to the customer's individual specification.
The material can be authenticated by CCS, ADS, NK, LR, DNV according to customer’s individual requirement.
The reversing grooves and the thread grooves on the diamond screw are very smooth.
The tongue of spooling nut we designed and we made is a special arc. We process it with our special method. It can fit with diamond screw thread groove very well. The customers don't need to grind manually the nut tongue to fit with the diamond screw during they assemble the winch or water reel or coiled tubing unit.

Besides the standard pitches we can also process many more special pitches to satisfy the design requirements.
The surface of the diamond screw is smoothed by grinding machine or is smoothed and is hardened by roller.
We may manufacture big diamond screws. We may also manufacture thin and long diamond screws to satisfy customer’s individual requirement
It can be transported to customers by sea or by air or by express according to customer’s individual requirements.
We are professional in the spooling technology of winches. We know winch spooling device operation law and design key. We can manufacture diamond screws for customers. We can also design diamond screws for customers. If the customer provides the distance between two flanges of winch drum and the diameter of rope etc information to us, we can design the nut travel distance, pitch, turns, under-cut, driving ratio of chain transmission etc for the customers.
We have manufactured many diamond screws and spooling nuts for our clients. Our customers are mainly distributed in Europe, Southeast Asia, Oceania and American etc.

If you want your winch can spool the rope onto the drum orderly and evenly, please contact with us.
If your winch can not spool the rope onto the drum orderly and evenly, please contact with us.